I'm Jonathan Schoeck

My creative process reflects my interest in how people experience the intersection of art and technology. How it affects communication, and the progress of our industry. While I've worked in just about every discipline across the ad world, most of my big ideas live in the digital world, with a solid understanding of relevant design systems, user behavior, and support interfaces. I thrive on new technology, but have a lot of nostalgia for antiquated tech as well. I appreciate unexpected uses of APIs and data, just as much as I appreciate an early 60's BMW Airhead that's in disrepair. Like most makers, I'm always making. I do a lot of it in my role with Boston based agency CTP, as Digital Associate Creative Director.
I started my creative career client side, first at IBM, before transitioning to advertising and marketing. In past roles at Digitas and MMB, I was involved in video and print campaigns, including branding, print, out of home, video, animation, banners, social, and ambient media. But, I have spent the last few years using my experiences with IBM to focus my digital expertise as it relates to marketing communications.
I’ve worked with dozens of brands across a broad range of industries, supporting teams across multiple agencies, and have gained regional and global recognition for our efforts. We've earned AdClub Hatch Awards, MITX Awards, shout-outs in online publications for our work, and a nomination in the Webby Awards.

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