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Build excitement. Drive registration.
Encourage Shares.

Sometimes building awareness means bringing a certain degree of consideration first in the customer journey. We had one opportunity to make a splash, so we had to create a lander who's interaction design system built sold the brand, while elevating registration and ease of sharing. Across all browser sizes we scaled a persistent logo on scroll to allow more room for the product/experience to stand out while maintaining brand recognition. We kept a persistent share icon in the bottom right hand corner to keep sharing close at hand in mobile and desktop, without being intrusive. The whole experience was then enhanced with scroll based interactions like parallax elements and image scaling.
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Page Views

In the two weeks that this campaign ran, media drove over 6,800 page views.




Pre-event registration

The combination of the strong site experience and video made an impression, driving pre-event registrations, and making for a happy client.

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