driving change for save the children

Make Change

Improving user flow to increase donations, sponsorship, and gifting.

The concept was built around the simple idea that a little bit can go a long ways. In parallel, the change in your pocket adds up. We needed this simplicity to carry across our multiple campaign elements, that drove to the multiple channels for giving that user can choose. Cross-platform testing helped reveal the optimal path to conversion.


Interaction driven donations

A strong donation message was supported with a donation mechanism that demonstrated the value of every donation, no matter how small.

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Giving Options

Guide users through the many ways they can help

We wanted to build a landing page that would pay evergreen ads, while providing the opportunity to cross/up-sell giving methods. We know that some users may have reacted to a strong CTA like "sponsor a child" but may fear the commitment. Providing them another option when they arrive at our lander ensures that we are finding an alternate conversion rather than a drop-off. Conversely, we also saw people looking for more opportunities with STC beyond "donate now", and this page provided the opportunity to up-sell.

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100% increase in conversion rates over the previous year

Simplified messaging, consistent CTAs, and improved users flows led to strong improvements over the previous year, and opened the door to additional optimizations.

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