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Designing for users across multiple industries, roles, and stages in the sales cycle.

Seismic provides Sales Enablement solutions to sales and marketing teams that need highly curated content. They asked us to help them design and build a new site that would scalable, with an intuitive CMS, and a strong IA to support their marketing needs. As we dove into this task, we realized together that it was an opportunity to refresh the brand and create guidelines for their brand system and language.
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Brand refresh

Expanding and standardizing the Seismic design system

Seismic already had a widely recognized brand in their industry, we just wanted to give a bit of a refresh when they launched their new site. With new type, added colors, custom photography and video, they now had the tools to scale with brand consistency.
Seismic website conceptual design exploration
Seismic website IA/UX phase

Extensive IA/UX

Catering to a wide range of users

This site was built to remove the barriers between questions and answers. The content, and it's navigation, needed to be intuitive for users that may arrive here from search with a low level of understanding, to users of high level understanding that may be arriving from retargeting. Beyond that, it needed to be scalable to allow for internal initiatives and platform expansion to find a home.


Building blocks + glue

We wire-framed somewhere around 70 high level pages that would serve as templates. But, keeping a simple CMS in mind, were able to create the various modules and rows from only 16 unique components. The result is an extremely streamlined admin experience, that is dedicated to preserving consistency as the site expands.

BEST b2b Website design or redesign

2018 MITX Awards for the win

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